Monday, March 1, 2010

O Canada!

Oddly enough, a little trip to MPLS to see Blacklisted and Harm's Way turned out to be oh so patriotic. First off, it happened to be Canada month at the Triple Rock and my favorite server hooked us up with free drinks!!!
Next up was the cake to commemorate the gold medal hockey game between Canada and USA. Emily did a good job of designating which half of the cake Nate and I could eat.
An OT goal set up by Iginla and put away by Crosby results in celebrations and sorrows behind enemy lines.
A different sort of patriotism happened on the way home, as my car hit the daunted 300,000km mark. Band of Horses was the band luckily enough to ease my ride into a whole new dimension.
That car has taken me to many places and enabled me to spend time with the people I love most and meet so many people that I would need to spend a day or two just to remember them all. What I'm trying to say is that I'm thankful that it has lasted me this long and word to everyone who has been along for the ride so far!

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Christopher said...

it frightens me that you photograph while driving at such speeds!