Friday, March 28, 2008

Stay Free

I had heard of Black Mountain a while back while perusing blogs and was kinda down. After a few more listens I was into it and noticed they were coming to peg city. I got tix and just chilled and waited for the day. Found out just before the show that Ladyhawk was playin and apparently were not to be missed. I was actually impressed with them. Then came Black Mountain. They played my fave song off the new album so all was well. They might also have a really cute vocalist. They put on a good show and the vibe was perfect. It was def worth the funds.Weirdest part of the show was knowing less than a handful of people in a crowd of approx 200. Here are those familiar faces.
Both bands that played were really chill. About half way into Black Mountain's set a couple dudes started fighting right in front of the stage. They stopped playin and told them to chill. I guess they bring the hardest dudes out, news to me.

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