Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl!

That magical weekend has arrived again and you saw what happened the night previous. Now, for the festivities that surrounded the super bowl. This year, the deep fryer was added to the mix and that was the center of the majority of the things that were made for the big game. Chill was in charge of the majority of the snacks for today as I took care of last night so there won't be any real recipes found today. Why not start off with what everyone wants. Vegan donuts!!! Simple and plain with a vanilla glaze. Let's just say that I ate more than one.
Next up are some jalapeno poppers(not shown) and banana pepper poppers. They had the cream cheese and daiya cheddar etc etc filling with a nice light breading.
How about some breaded shrimp and cocktail sauce? A nice find in chinatown made for a tasty treat tonight.
Here are the wingz from Just The Food that I made for the evening. I found them to be a little rough to make with full fat coconut milk and the breading refused to stay on after they were cooked. If you can get past those two minor setbacks, they were pretty tasty.
A staple for any kind of food party, nachos. These guys had white and blue corn chips, vegan chili, italian and cheddar daiya, jalapenos and banana peppers and served with salsa, guac and sour cream. Still can't get enough daiya!
We'll end on a fancier note today with a little panna cotta served with mango,pineapple, blood orange and banana.
All in all there was too much food and we didn't even get to the corn dogs that we had planned for the night. A success I would say. Also, SAINTS SAINTS SAINTS!!!

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Lorraine James said...

Alas, I was performing a play, but since SB44 wasn't my thing anyway, I'd have loved to have gobbled these treats! I plan to whip up some cupcakes, just to inhale.