Friday, December 11, 2009

Two Tickets

To make good on those last two BB ticket picture posts, I bring you the current post. We'll start off with the ticket posted most recently for the King Tut exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario.
This was basically one of the most amazing things I have had the pleasure of seeing in person, but they didn't allow cameras in the exhibit. I'm still in awe of the things I saw. I could also add that I have a strange fascination with Egypt so I'm sure I would have loved it no matter what. Oh, is that a little street guard?
Now for the other ticket, which was Mew. Amazing live show with a great light show to accompany it. Some very creepy visuals playing for the majority of the set as well. The singer has a strong voice where on the record I thought he could not pull it off live but he did with no trouble at all. The sound was also crisp, which is very important for the amount of sounds happening during Mew songs.
Thank goodness for seat sales. Bonus outtake footage.

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XshyX said...

I can only imagine how amazing that exhibit must have been. How long is it showing for?