Friday, December 4, 2009

Brief TO Trip

I went on a little trip to Toronto not even two weeks ago and I for some reason left my camera in my pocket or in my temporary apartment for the majority of the time. First the things that we captured. Second raptors game with some friends. Great time. Hey...
Next up was a new eatery called Calico that I had never been to before and had just heard about the day before. Calico uses produce grown in the backyard and a new menu is created every two weeks to take advantage of fresh seasonal flavors. First up was a soup that I can't remember the name of but you can tell that it was shared and was dug into quite quickly.
A couple of shared beverages, a smoothie and some kinda apple pineapple juice if memory serves me correctly.
The next app was grilled king mushrooms and greens picked that day from the backyard. I'm not the biggest fan of mushrooms but I think that is because I grew up on white button mushrooms. These guys right here were delicious and had a very nice texture.
The main had hickory smoked tempeh with maple glaze, once again trying to pick my brain, barley risotto and a purple cabbage slaw. I don't often eat tempeh, but this dish could change that.
A little cranberry currant cobbler to finish it all off.
Calico was an overall enjoyable experience with great service, food arriving quickly and for the style of food and presentation it was relatively inexpensive. I would go back in a heartbeat...and will on Sunday for brunch.

Now for the things that we lost. Not captured that trip were numerous great meals and desserts, hangin with Karl and Crime In Stereo and then driving their van and trailer around TO, seeing Brand New and spending time with lots of good friends. Hopefully I'll remedy all of those things this weekend. Pretty much done my little game of catch up now.

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