Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bakesale Success

The bakesale to benefit Japan was held today and it was a great big ol success! This is the only picture I took as I was busy taking people's money and giving them delicious treats.
This table plus some other stuff helped raise just over $1000 in 2 hours!!!! How amazing is that? So many thanks need to handed out now. A big thanks to Sam and The Albert for letting the sale happen in their establishment. Thanks to Scott for designing the poster and Ruben for putting the facebook event together. Thanks to everyone that helped with the online promotion of the event and all of the stores and restaurants that were nice enough to have a flyer on display in their business. A huge thanks goes out to all the people that contributed the baked goods: Tracy, Rachel, Heather, Lorraine, Caitlin and all the people that brought baked goods to the sale of which I didn't catch your name. It was all so very appreciated. Now onto maybe the biggest thanks and that goes out to everyone that dished out their hard earned cash for some treats and to help the people of Japan after a natural disaster. I am done with the excessive thanking for this blog post, but I am just very stoked on what a success the event was. Have a great rest of the weekend.

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Heather said...

Thanks to you for organizing such a great event for a worthwhile cause!