Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oh Gala La

Friday marked the Canadian Hemophilia Society - Manitoba Chapter's 8th annual Gala Dinner of Culinary Inspirations. I didn't capture too many pictures myself, only of a few of the courses that were enjoyed, but a bevy should surface soon enough and be posted on the event's website. If you didn't this year, make sure you plan on attending next year as we only plan on getting bigger and better as the years go by. Now onto two of the courses that I snapped pics of. First off is sesame crusted tofu served with asian slaw and tropical salsa.
This could very well be the best dish I have had at any of the gala dinners. The flavors were just damn near perfect in this dish so I couldn't argue with its greatness. It could be because of the whole vegan thing and this was the first year that they incorporated a protein into the dishes to make it more substantial for people who stray from the old meat eating path. I also understand that it isn't going to be a vegan gala dinner and that is fine but I like to see the chefs taking some pride in what they send out and accepting the challenge. The biggest gripe I used to have was getting a fruit plate for dessert but this year that all changed when chocolate ice cream and a mixed berry sauce showed up in front of me. It was a breath of fresh air to have an actual sweet dessert to finish the meal with.
I can't wait to see what magical culinary creations the chefs bring to the table next year!

PS. the lighting in the room is just horrendous in regards to taking nice food related pictures so please offer me a little forgiveness if these photos aren't up to the usual caliber.

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