Saturday, April 11, 2009

Top Movies Addendum

Sometimes you see some flicks late and you have to fix up prior mistakes. Maybe mistakes is the wrong word, but you know, some films just hit you harder than others. That being said Blindness gets bumped for Martyrs. Once again a film I found out about on the Mishka blog and thought I should check out. It took me forever to find and when I did I was stoked. This is a really disturbing film. I would also give Martyrs a spot in my Top 5 of the year.
Another movie I saw late was The Diving Bell and The Butterfly. This is a very unique movie and offers a new perspective that I was into. I'm not sure where it would fit in my top 10 but it would make an appearance somewhere.
Keeping on the theme of movies but moving away from the "top 10" theme is yet another realistically disturbing film. If you take my advice and watch Martyrs then you might as well see Irreversible.I would go as far as saying that horror films will forever be "alright" after watching these two movies. Once again I was nudged in the right direction by Dr. NO who oddly enough contributes to the Mishka blog. If you read this and have a suggestion on other good horror flicks feel free to inform.

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