Thursday, January 15, 2009

MPLS Getaway

So a little trip to MPLS happened and it was supposed to entail a little stop in Fargo to pick up JD and head to a Twolves game. Neither of those happened but that didn't stop a good time from taking place. Here is what Vince hooked it up with.
Correct, you most likely haven't seen that before and I'm running out of that magic and not sure what I'm gonna do when I'm out! Have you ever seen a treehouse before? Did you ever build one as a kid or admire one you saw and just wish you could go hang out in it for a bit. Well not far away from Vegan Eric's crib is a time machine back to anyone's youth...the craziest treehouse of them all!!!
Twolves game didn't happen so we chilled at Grumpy's...apparently they have the kewl shirts there. Jeremy "approves".
Next day before departing we hit Hard Times Cafe. It had been quite a while since I had graced this place with my presence. The pancake hasn't gotten any smaller...unless Vegan Eric visited the headshrinker from Beetlejuice.
Here is some vegan helter skelter aka hashbrowns, veggies tofu and toast.
Another angle of lots of bang for your buck.
Oh there is the vegan sausage.
A fun weekend and not many pictures. A top 10 of 2008 soon, sometimes you get busy and tired. Worst combo. Have a good weekend.

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